WIP Completed

This is one crazy week.  Everyone in the family has a doctor visit of some kind except for the youngest child.  But, she’s not in the clear.  She has an orthodontics appointment next week.  Finally finished the wip…I think I’m done.  I might add a few stencils or stamping in the background.  I’m going to give it a few days to decide.

I used a combo of things for this piece: Gesso, watercolor, Heidi Swapp Metallic Texture Paste in Rose for her hair,  acrylics by Jane Davenport for skin and lips, white acrylic paint for hair and whites of eyes, Copic markers for eye color/cheeks/highlights, Tombow Calligraphy pen to draw in her face and trace, and Pentel Gel Ink in White to color her pearls and for dots in her pupils.

Copic Markers and Watercolor

I used a gift card my sister got me for my birthday + points on Amazon and got some Copic markers.  This was my first time trying out Copics so I’m excited to continue using them.  The portrait was pencil sketched a couple of days ago while waiting for my daughters at the dance studio.  Yesterday, I felt really sick from a cold I must have caught from my youngest daughter so I laid in bed and took it slow while my husband helped with the girls (he was off work).  Today, I colored with the Copics and watercolor by Jane Davenport.  I also used a calligraphy pen to trace and the white Paint Over Marker to highlight.  Both also by Jane Davenport.  Also, I used a reference by kazanstevalexey on Instagram.  My portrait doesn’t look anything like his photo but I just wanted to point it out that I didn’t freehand the portrait.


Sketch Using Color Pencils

A friend got me this Artist’s Loft art set for Christmas and I thought I’d play a little with the color pencils.

artkitchristmas2016_850sketchgirlportraitpurple_850Can’t wait to try the other stuff!


She loves her EOS lipbalms.  She doesn’t wear them…just likes the way they look and smell.


Thought about removing the little hairs in her face but decided not to.  It makes her who she is.

Brother’s Tattoo


EXIF: Nikon D90, 50mm, Exposure: (left photo: 1/3200 sec, right: 1/2500 sec), f/1.8, ISO 500, Aperture Priority, Matrix metering.

Love Her Smile


KI072620140027_600xEXIF: Nikon D90, 50mm, Exposure: 1/2000 sec, f/1.8, ISO 500, Aperture priority, Matrix metering.  It was slightly cloudy and rained a little.