WIP In Mixed Media Art Journal

I’ve been following Jane Davenport and trying a few things her way.  Here’s a WIP.


Quick Sketch and Mixed Media Art Journal

Sometimes I like to sketch starting with the nose.  This was one of them.  Most the time I start with the eyes but for some reason I was itching to get the nose right first.


Two birthday’s ago my husband surprised me with a beautiful leather covered unlined journal.  It was so beautiful that I was afraid to mark in it, but last week, I made the plunge and created my first mixed-media art journal page!  I used gesso, matte medium, gauche, acrylics, hard pastels, and ink pens.


Painting Birdhouses

KILOGPAINT0037_bw640For Mother’s Day, I spent time with my youngest daughter and nephew.  They painted birdhouses as gifts for their mom’s.  My daughter said, “Mom, don’t look until I’m done painting,” and added when she saw me with the camera, “But you can take pictures.” My nephew had so much stuff to carry home that he forgot to take his birdhouse.  He was really excited about giving it to his mom too!

My nephew had spent the night Saturday and all day on Mother’s Day at our house.  He really loves it.  One of the sweetest thing my nephew said out of the blue was, “I feel like this is my house.”  I told him it was his house too but then my daughter said, “It’s not your house.  It’s my house and my mom’s house.”  I reassured him that when he was over, it’s his house too.

Painted the Great Room, Etc.

Husband finally finished painting over the pale white walls of the great room, upstairs landing, loft, and entryway.  He painted them a soft sand color, the same color he painted the living room (thought I had blogged about the living room awhile back but I didn’t).  It doesn’t look extremely different but the small change in color really does make the rooms and other areas feel warmer.

The photos were taken while husband was painting and doing some touch-ups.

Before and After Paint Job: The Study

Happy Leap Day!

Husband and I finally painted the study.  I love the colors we chose: a deep red for the far wall and sand for the other three walls.  After we painted the sand color, I thought it was a bit light and wanted to go darker but now I think it works perfect.  The study isn’t very big so a darker color might make the room appear smaller.

There’s more to do, but right now, here are the before and after paint job.

My desk:

Paint Sampling

Husband and I took a couple of weeks (maybe even more) trying to decide on what colors to paint a couple of our rooms.  We’d really like to get the living room painted and decorated.  It’s been empty for two years now.  We’re in no rush but it would be nice to get our house a bit more organized and cozied-up.

The thing with organizing is that I have a hard time deciding where things should go and how to group things.  I thought our study was messy before but now it’s even more messier and when things are messy, I can’t think.  Anyway, we moved things around in the study and then realized that we wanted the room painted before we fully organize it.  See, I don’t even know what I’m trying to say here.

This is our paint samples in the study.  The starred color is what the room will be painted in.  The red is the accent color which will go on one wall.  Husband and I can’t decide which wall…actually, we just disagree.

This is the paint samples in the living room.  The accent is a dark expresso/mocha color that we’ll use as an accent in the hallway.  The starred color is the same color shown in the study.  It looks completely different in this room.  Husband loves this color.  I like the runner up color.  It makes me happy because it has a yellowishness to it that makes me calm and happy.  We might use the runner-up color as the main color in the powder with the the red as the accent.  Husband painted the samples close to the trim because he wanted to be able to see the contrast.  🙂